• Madam Brine

Madam Brine - find your beauty in the classics

Madam Brine is a brand created out of love for aesthetics and good taste. Every product of this exclusive clothing line is unique and harmoniously combines elegance with a hint of original cut. Inspired by French chic, we searched deeper, striving to achieve unique beauty in both classic as well as modern fashionable designs.

Chic - every day and for special occasions

At Madam Brine, we strive for perfection - we are committed to provide our clients with the highest quality, proven fashions and designs refined to the smallest detail. Here nothing is coincidental. We strive for an ideal which is visible in every product, going hand in hand with modernity, inspired by global trends.

Our clothes guarantee the perfect style for you: for everyday, for work, for casual social gatherings and for great outings - create your own Madam Brine collection, which will soon become your second skin.

From A to Z

We are proud of the quality level we have reached. We never settle for the second best. Using only the highest quality materials pays back not only with fantastic appearance and comfort of wearing, but also with durability. Each collection is made in our studios from beginning to end.

Fabrics. We sew only from natural materials - fine silk, soft wool, sophisticated cashmere, elegant viscose and classic natural leathers. Our offer is a guarantee of a wide selection of colours that meet the expectations of each client and match the stylization of any character.

Designs. The design process takes place in our studios, where our creative specialists give their best, creating unique collections with the needs of our clients in mind. Classic, elegant, impressive - each model is carefully thought out and designed in accordance with our key motto - chic, comfort and style - because you do not have to compromise between them.

Craftsmanship. We take care of every seam and refine the smallest details. Each piece of the Madam Brine collection is made by hand. We use proven, traditional techniques, combining them with fashionable novelties. All this to delight you with the result. We pay great attention to details - each fastener, zip or button is a thoughtful and carefully selected piece that completes the whole.

Timeless style

Madam Brine is a comprehensive offer to enable you equip your wardrobe with a collection of beautifully sewn, unique and high-quality clothes. Blouses, shirts, skirts, trousers, jackets and coats - match them together and change your style every day, composing your own sets.

Express your beauty - Madam Brine will feel boost your self-esteem.

Flexible fit, unique offer

Our products are available in limited number only - we do not produce mass collections. Unique sets of our collection are the guarantee of your special, personal style. Many clothes in our studio are tailor-made for the specific size of our client - because at Madam Brine we sew specially for you.

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